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Local, Independently Owned, Camera Store in Raleigh, North Carolina. We carry a large selection of camera gear for both film and digital cameras. We have a large variety of digital cameras (including used film cameras), and camera equipment and supplies. We carry products for both the amateur and professional photographer.

Used Camera selection is growing.

Years ago as a test/joke we asked for Krispy Kreame Donuts for sensor cleanings.  And it worked, we all have been very appreciative for the many dozens of donuts through out the years.  Well today the bar has been raised.  Today a customer brought us NC BBQ,  O    M      G……..  let us just say lunch for us was awesome.  You all have been so wonderful with the donuts.  Thank you so much for doing so and please continue to bringing them in, just a reminder we are open to other baked goods too.IMG_1374

FujiFilm has just announced instant discounts on their “X” cameras for Students.  We have all the info for that, stop on buy with any questions.  Don’t let this opportunity go to waste if you are on the fence with the Fuji.

Do you know my friend Fill?

Fill flash these days is something that many portrait photographers do not understand or use.  With all the cool toys available out today this should not be the case.  The Phottix Laso TTL is such a toy.  The two greatest things about the Laso is the fact that is used the Canon “RT” technology and the price.  For $99 compared to $320 with the Canon ST-E3-RT you get all the similar functions plus the Laso is a Transmitter/Receiver.  Making the unit a great accessory to tie in your older Canon Speedlites in to the RT system.  Canon rather you just buy new flashes.  Bring in your gear to give the Laso TTL a whirl.  We think you will really like it.

Used Sony Alphas

The Sony A7s has sold, the a6000 is still available.

This week has been a great week for used gear.  Earlier this week we took in a big lot of Canon gear with plenty left to check out.  Today we aquired a few Sony alpha mirror less cameras.  The Sony A7s full frame 12mp camera is going for $1850 SOLD
a7sfront a7s rear a7s top

The Sony a6000, a cropped 24mp camera is going for $400. SOLD
a6000front a6000rear a6000top

We do not have any lenses for these camera, so be sure to bring your own to fully test out the gear.  Like most of our used gear the cameras will come with 3 month warranty.