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Check the little table beside the paper bin for some great deals on inkjet paper. 50% off some of our overstock papers.



Due to high demand we have scheduled another Photo 101 class for June. If you own a digital camera and you want to get out of auto and become a photographer rather than a point and shoot artist then come on down. The class is also great for those who have not yet made the DSLR plunge and want to do some homework prior to purchase. The class runs from 7:00-9:00 PM here at the store. Cost is $65 but you can save 10% ($58.50) by per-registering prior to the date. This also guarantees you a seat if we fill up. To register just call the store or come by. You can also email Jim White for more information.

Adobe Lightroom for Beginners



We have had a lot of folks asking for a basic Lightroom class here to follow up on the Photo 101 class so we are going to do just that. This class will cover a basic workflow in Lightroom designed to quickly  manage and edit your images quickly and effectively. Some of the topics we will cover are the following:

1) The Lightroom catalog and how it works

2) Raw, TIFF, PSD, & Jpeg file format

2) Keywords and why you want to use them

3) How to use external editors such as Photoshop

4) Exporting images in any size and format

If you are interested please call the store at 919-836-2222 to register or email Jim White.

The cost of the class is $65.00, $58.50 if you preregister (10% discount)


Photography 101 Class

Wednesday, May 20th, 7:00-9:00PM

Learn or review the basics as well as learn how to use those advanced features of your camera  that scare you so badly.

Learn about the basics of photography. What is an f/ stop? What is aperture, ISO, and shutter speed and what does it have to do with exposure?  What are the different camera shooting modes and when do I use what? This is a good starting point for those with no experience or those with experience who want to get beyond Program mode and learn to take control of the camera.

Space is limited for this class, please prepay to reserve your spot for the class.