New Canon SpeedLite

The new Canon Speedlite 430 EX III-RT is in stock.  Imagine if the 430EX II and the 600 EX-RT had a baby, basically this would be the result.  Get yours today just in time for the Speedlite class we have coming up on Wednesday Feb 10th.

Sigma Instant Rebates

Sigma’s current rebates are good through the 29th of February and as you can see there are several great deals on lenses.  Also on the 13th of February the Sigma Rep will be in town with some toys, so please stop by and see us and help us play “Stump the Sigma Rep” with your questions.  Be sure and ask him when the 85mm f1.4 Art will be out.  That is his favorite question to answer.

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Classes at Peace Camera


Last night’s Photography 101 class was standing room only. Several people asked for a Photo 201 class—a bit more advanced and the next step—so we plan on getting one in the works. We also have a Speedlight 101 class coming up in March so if you are interested just call the store and we can add your name to the interest list. If you want more information just call and ask for Brian #1 (we have two).

I have an Introduction to the Darkroom class coming up in March as well.If you are one of the many returning to, or taking up shooting film, This is a good intro or refresher. Contact Jim White .

If you would like to be notified about upcoming classes just contact Jim White to have your name added to the email list.

Photo 101 Class this Wednesday

Do you want to learn how to get off of Auto mode and take control of your camera? Jim White will be giving one of his Photo 101 classes here in the store this Wed. evening 1/20/16 from 7pm-9pm. Cost is $65 per person at the door, but if you register and pay in advance there’s a 10% discount. Space is limited, so call today!


Sigma Demo Day

Feb 13th 11am-3pm, The local Sigma rep will be in the store with some cool toys.  He will be available to answer any questions you may have about the lens line up and to coach you along the process of calibrating the new Art series lenses.  More details will be available here shortly, this post was just to get the date out and on your mind.

Speedlight Class Feb. 10th


Do you need to learn how to use your on-camera flash?  Are you tired of the snapshot look of your pop-up flash and you want to add a speedlight to your bag of tricks? Or maybe you’re shooting weddings or location portraiture using natural light, but want to be prepared to handle adverse lighting conditions?

We’re pleased to announce our Speedlight Class, taught by local commercial photographer Bryan Rierson.  This 2+ hour class will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 10th from 7PM-9PM here in the store. Cost is $65 per person, and space is limited so pre-paid registration is encouraged (plus we’ll do a 10% discount if you pre-pay!).  Please call the store (919)836-2222 or come by to register.

This class will be appropriate for all DSLR users, but equipment demos will focus on Nikon and Canon speedlights. Students should bring their camera and speedlight so they can follow along and shoot during demos.  Participants should have a  solid understanding of Photo 101 (ISO, shutter speed, f stop, flash synch) prior to class. If you need a refresher, consider our Photo 101 Class on January 20th, 7PM-9PM.

New Nikon Flagship camera.

Sometime last night and this morning Nikon Announced that they will have two new cameras out soon.  The Nikon D5, and the Nikon D500 are the official names for the two models.  Stats wise they both seem to be incredible, and should out perform anything in their class at the moment.

We do not have any solid information of when the release of these two cameras will be, but we will take pre-orders on them if you like.  Call or stop by to do so, or if you just want to geek out with us over images and/or stats of the camera, feel free to do that too.  Keep in mind that we do take trades, and you can trade your gently used gear towards the cool new stuff.

Christmas Cash

Is that Pesky Christmas Cash your family members gave you burning a hole in your pocket?  There are plenty of nifty items here at the store that you can purchase with it.  Yes, Aunt Millie wants you to buy that new Flash or lens.

There are plenty of rebates still available to take advantage of.  For example the rebates for the Tamron 16-300mm and the 150-600mm are good until the 7th of January.  But just imagine how great these lenses will be to capture the New Years Fireworks above downtown from Dix Hill?  Just ponder that a sec.

Get back up to $130 from Tamron.  Both Canon and Nikon mounts available.