Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

For the 9th year in a row Tamron has had a lens awarded the EISA award- sometimes more than one!  For 2014-2015 EISA has awarded the Tamron 16-300 VC the best DSLR zoom lens and the Tamron 150-600 VC USD the best DSLR telephoto zoom lens.  We have the 16-300 in stock for both Nikon and Canon, but we have just the Canon version of the 150-600 in stock currently.   The Nikon mount is due to ship on Nov 18th.

Come on in to the store to see what all the fuss is all about.

16_300vcpzd_model_B016-2 150_600_model_A011

Tamron 150-600 VC PZD for Canon EOS now in stock.

Sorry Nikon Shooters, we are sold out of this lens for you guys.

We have not had time to really shoot with this lens since most of us are Nikon Shooters here.  A Nikon mount just does not stay in long enough for us to check out and play with.  But here is an article from the website  One of their writers gave a great article about the lens.

Those Canon shooters wanting a wonderful and affordable long lens for little critters and or fluffy birds, seriously consider this one.  More importantly come on down and get your hands on one.

Pro in a box

IMG_3738Never have we had all this lovely pro Nikon Gear in our used section all at once.  Come on down and pick it up.  Just bring with you $7750 or about that much in Krispy Kreme Donuts.  If you were to get all this new it would be more like over $11,000.  Now if you want to buy this gear new, we can do that for you too.

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