Lighting 101


Do you need to learn how to use your on-camera flash?  Are you tired of the snapshot look of your pop-up flash and you want to add a speedlight to your bag of tricks? Or maybe you’re shooting weddings or location portraiture using natural light, but want to be prepared to handle adverse lighting conditions?

We’re pleased to announce our Speedlight Class for $65 per person. Space is limited so pre-paid registration is encouraged (plus we’ll do a 10% discount if you pre-pay!).  Please call the store (919)836-2222 to inquire about the next available date or come by to register.

This class will be appropriate for all DSLR users, but equipment demos will focus on Nikon and Canon speedlights. Students should bring their camera and speedlight so they can follow along and shoot during demos.  Participants should have a  solid understanding of Photo 101 (ISO, shutter speed, f stop) prior to class. If you need a refresher, please consider our Photo 101 Class.