Why Shop Local

Well, not only are you supporting your local economy, but its great to have a local camera store to come by, look at all the old and new camera equipment in person, get help and advice from professional photographers, get help with the camera that you purchased at the store, and even get your sensor cleaned for free when you purchase your camera from us.

   When you shop online, or from one of the Big-Box Stores, you do not get the help you deserve after you set foot out of the store or click “confirm sale” with the online purchase. And if you have a service problem with your new item, good luck getting help from them.

   Plus, we are a bunch of characters at the store, so it’s usually an interesting experience getting to know us and gain knowledge.

  So put down that mouse, and come by and check us out. And bring your gear so that you can see how it looks with a new lens, a new camera bag, or even a new camera strap.



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