To know more about Steve as a person you really just have to meet the guy for yourself. He has forgotten more about cameras than most people ever learn, and at his age he forgets an awful lot! Some call him grumpy… some call him curmudgeonly… some call him a smartass. We call him all of these and worse! But one thing you cannot call him is “unqualified.”

Here are just some of Steve’s credentials…

  • 2 yrs. – Catalogue Studio – NYC – assistant
  • 3 yrs. – NYPD Photo Unit – photographer
  • 9 yrs. – Sam Bass Camera – Raleigh, NC – Repair Tech
  • 13 yrs. – Raleigh Camera Service – Owner, Repair Tech, Sales
  • 4 yrs. – Southeastern Camera – Repair Tech, Sales
  • 8 yrs. – Peace Camera – Sales, Buyer, Repair Tech. 



One thought on “Steve

  1. Shooting 150 to 200 feet, prefer fixed or prime. Would trade D7000 and three lenses. Additionally desire remote trigger

    Oh Steve work it out for me

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