Shelley hates third person.  Really he does.  Shelley has been at Peace Camera since fall 2010, though it seems like he’s been here much longer than that.  He shoots sports and stuff.  When he’s not at work his hobbies include cycling, playing soccer, and teaching his son to play soccer.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 12.05.44 PM

4 thoughts on “Shelley

  1. Interested in the the used Nikon D300 posted. What can you tell me about the camera and it’s past life? Is there any warranty with used gear? Many Thanks, Libby

  2. Hey Shelley…Congrats on your new bundle of joy! Called the store last week when you were off asking about the Nikon D300….someone mentioned the D7000 which belongs to you…I am interested in taking this camera off your hands….couple of questions….why are you getting rid of it? Seeing that it belongs to you, I would trust purchasing it used…what is the “life” of this camera and how long have you had it? also looking for a 18-200 nikon lens to go with it…..any used? and I still need an off camera flash. Thanks so much for your inputs and i look forward to hearing from you…..I live in VA. but could come by Sat. afternoon on 4-6-2013.

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