Sensor Cleaning

The five minutes it takes to clean your sensor will save you hours of post processing!  We offer this basic cleaning as a complimentary service, however we do accept donations of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, Girl Scout cookies, and homemade baked goods. Also we encourage you to wander around the store while you wait and find some cool stuff to buy!!



9 thoughts on “Sensor Cleaning

  1. I’m with the Army Criminal Investigation Command at Fort Bragg, and we need to have a handful of cameras get their sensors cleaned (Nikon D80s, D90s and D7000s). Can we have that service done there? Also, I am in need of some accessories such as lens filters (orange, specifically) lens caps and body caps. Do you have a variety of those for the Nikon DX series cameras?

  2. I have a canon 50d and 5d Mark 2 that need the sensors cleaned and was wondering if you do this? Also so you repair cameras, specifically a Rebel XT that won’t accept the memory card, gives an error message?

  3. I have a Canon AE-1 and I do not know the first way to go about cleaning it. Is this something you all do? If not, can you recommend a place that does?

    1. Film cameras do not need sensor cleaning. They do, however, sometimes need mechanical cleaning. A proper cleaning for this camera runs about $80-100.00. Most people opt not to do it.

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