Data Recovery

Gregory Wiggs Data Recovery

STOP! Call Me Immediately before you do anything else“, this is the advise Gregory Wiggs gives all customers that call him with lost images or data.

Gregory Wiggs is a photographer himself and soon realized that digital files can and will become missing, lost, corrupt, accidentally deleted, or formatted.

He has forensic style programs that enable him to retrieve missing files from a wide range of digital memory cards, internal and external hard drives.

This service is not a part of Peace Camera but Gregory will be more than glad to discuss a suitable drop off and pick up time for the recovery process with you.

All recovered data will be returned to the customer with the original memory card or hard drive in its original condition. This is a confidential service.

STOP! And call today to speak with Gregory. His cell phone number is (919) 291-2351.



One thought on “Data Recovery

  1. Greg does great work and I just have to brag on his recovery service. Fast turn around time and reasonable pricing. This is a great service . . . Highly recommended!!

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