Camera Repair

These days, digital cameras require specialized technicians and parts, and almost all repairs have to go back to the factory. We are an authorized Nikon and Canon dealer and can send your equipment back for factory service for you. The first step is to bring it in to the store so we can troubleshoot it and determine if it needs to go back to the factory.

Steve can do some limited repairs such as Nikon lens mount replacement, film camera seal replacement, and occasionally repairing bent pins in card slots. If your camera is acting up, feel free to bring it by so we can try to help figure it out.


52 thoughts on “Camera Repair

  1. I have a sigma dg 24-60mm 1:2.8 ex lens for nikon the strange thing is the lens works on an older nikon film cameras perfect. Problem is My f body nikon d7000 will not work with the eletric motor? MANUAL ONLY Is this a calibration issue? 50 PERCENT of people have told me this lens will not work with with digital camera’s another 50 percent say there is a problem with lens?

    1. the lens in question is an odd duck. There in the early, early film to Digital transition there were a few Sigma lenses that just did not work with the digital cameras. Nikon also were changing their Auto Focus system as well. Sigma was offering an AF upgrade at that time. I am not certain that they are still offering it. you may try contacting them about it. I do have the feeling that that service is no longer available and because of the age of the lens repair is no longer supported.

    1. It’s not a common problem. I don’t think that we have seen it before. If the lens was not mishandled, it would be a warranty claim. Send it to Nikon, accompanied by your proof of purchase, and they should fix it for free.

  2. I have a fujifilm camera. The door that holds the batteries in is sprung and will not close. Can you repair it and if so how much will it cost.

  3. Hey I have a Canon 60D and there’s a fisheye lens I use with it (Vivitar 8mm-c F/3.5 Fisheye Lens). The lens was hit which caused it to break the connection between the lends and camera. The piece that is like a bayo ring but isn’t, I couldn’t find a name for it. The screw holes have all been torn out which is not letting the screws go in place, thus not letting it attach to the camera. It’s just that one black plastic connector piece that I need to be replaced is all. I was wondering if you had any replacements for it. I could send you an picture of what the piece looks like as well.

  4. I’m about to buy a tower 18b antique camera and everything seems to be working but there is no film in it. I take a pic with no film and the shutter doesn’t move. It makes no sounds or clicks. Is that normal if it lacks the film or does that mean it won’t take pics ?

  5. I know that you work with Canon and Nikon cameras but I am wondering if you can help me. I have a Samsung digital camera and the zoom/shutter button fell off… Strange problem but I am wondering if you would be able to fix this sort of thing at your shop.

  6. I have a vintage Yashica A Twin Lens Reflex camera and the focus knob does not work. Is this something you guys may be able to fix? If not, do you know of any place in Raleigh, Durham or Chapel Hill I can take it to?

  7. I have a Minolta SRT 101 that seems to be jammed (where the film loads and unloads) and I cannot open the door to take out the film. Would you be able to assist with this? Or know of someone who could?

  8. Hi, Do you do work on film cameras? I’ve inherited an old Canon FT . . . it seems functional, but it’s been in a box for probably 20 years, and I’d like to have it cleaned and checked. If you don’t do this kind of thing, can you suggest someone who does? Thanks!

  9. Got two Nikon D3000 and D3100 giving out the same error message. “Error press shutter release button again.” Would this be something you would be able to investigate and repair? Would love to drop by your shop today, if so. Thanks!

  10. I have a Canon T5i and was just purchase about four months ago. The flash made a sizzle sound and does not work now. Question is, will this be a warranty repair or can you repair it in your shop and about what will it cost. Thank you for your time.

    1. It sounds like a warranty repair We would not be able to do a repair here in the store. It would have to go back to Canon. We can send it out for you if you like. The key thing is a copy of the receipt.

  11. Thank you for your quick reply. I still have the box so at this time I will contact them and send it in. My problem right now is finding the receipt.. I hope to get into your store soon. I live about 50 miles away. Thanks again and have a nice day!

  12. Have a Nikon D5100 with a body cracked from the lower right corner of the lens mount to the base of the camera.

    Any hope for repair?

  13. i have olmpus 750c and haveing problems with sd card saying card error its a new sd card i can’t format the card so camera wont work it might be the lock on the slot can you fix it

  14. I have a Nikon D750, which went completely dark for no reason. Unfortunately I bought it in Australia via Hong Kong (within warranty though). Have you ever encountered such problem and is it fixable?

    1. It can be repaired, but Nikon US will not touch it. So either it has to go back to Australia for warranty repair, or you may try Pro Camera in Charlottesville VA. They have been known to repair non US market cameras.

  15. Hi,
    I have an old Canon A1 that has shutter squeak when I shoot it. Can that be repaired in house or does it have to be sent out?
    Thank you,

      1. Thank you…I will get it in there to look at as soon as I can.
        I also have a Mamiya RB 67 that I would like you to look at.

  16. Hi – I have a Canon T4i. When I insert the card in the slot it tells me to format the card but when I try to format the card it says that it can’t be formatted. I have tried several cards and get the same error message with all of them. This happened all of a sudden so I don’t have a clue as to what is going on. Is this something that you maybe can fix in your shop?

  17. I have a Canon T3i that got jammed and a tiny piece broke off. I was able to get the piece out, but now it gives a error “card is write protected”. Do you think you can help?

  18. Hi! My Canon EOS Rebel T5 lens (18-55m) has a small crack on it. I dropped it, and my pictures and videos come out really blurry. I zoom out and its still blurry. Is this possible to repair if so whats an estimate cost? Thanks (:

  19. I have a Canon EOS Rebel T3 camera with a 58mm Canon EFS 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6 ISII zoom lens. The camera/lens no longer auto-focuses and I have to manually focus every shot. I also have a 58mm Sigma DL 70-300mm zoom lens which also no longer auto-focuses (but works well on manual). Can auto-focusing be restored on these lens and camera? What about spots or minor scratches on the glass? Any idea what it might cost to fix these things?

  20. Do you do repairs on instax mini 8 cameras ? I recently purchased one from someone and the flash is broken and I can’t seem to find anywhere where they can fix it

  21. I have a Nikon 3200 with focusing issues. It constantly focuses on the background instead of my subject. I’ve tried using different lenses and I even reset the camera but it still does it. Do you think this is an easy fix or should I just go ahead and send it in to Nikon?

    1. Nikons 7 series and higher models have built-in AF fine tune, so you can correct it yourself, but the lesser models do not have the feature. You will need to send the camera to Cam Tech, in New York, (not Nikon).

  22. My auto focus has quit on my canon rebel. It’s both lenses that I have so I think it’s in the camera. Can y’all fix that?

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