24 thoughts on “Lenses

  1. I have a Sony AE65 camera & I’m looking for a 300mm lens. Do you have any used or new ones? What price?
    Thank you, Debbie

    1. First off we are not a sony dealer, so the lenses we have are used or are from Tamron. What we have is the Tamron 70-300 USD for $449 and then the Tamron 16-300 PZD for $629.

  2. I am looking for a Pentax 18-250 lens; New or used (doing mind external blemishes as long as image quality is still good). Do you guys stock this?

  3. i am looking for a used sigma 135-400 with os for nikon mount or a used nikon 70-300 vr newer version. doesn’t have to be mint. it just cant have dust or fungus in the lens. thanks

      1. How much for the 50mm? & my family is planing to go to the zoo, I have the standard 18-55mm, will that be enough?

      2. We are temporarily out of the 50mm F1.8, which sells for around $115.00. We do have a new 50mm F1.4 for $330.00, and a used one for $265.00. For the zoom we have a nice used 55-250mm STM for $125.00, or a used 75-300mm for $75.00.

  4. Do you have the new nikon 10-20 mm wide angle lense that was launched this week? And also sigma 24-70 mm f2.8 that was due to release as well?
    When will they be available? Also if you can share the date for the next basic photography class please.

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