1st Annual Print Contest

The 1st Annual Peace Camera Print Contest is going on.  This of course is a first for us.  We are very excited about this.  This sorta stems from the Customer Print Gallery we built here in the store.  We’ve had a lot of entries for our new gallery so we’ve decided to hold a print contest for our customers! We want to reflect the wide range of skill sets of our customers. We encourage everybody to enter whether You’re a newbie or a pro. Prints will be displayed so be sure to bring friends and family to see your work hanging in a real gallery!

Grand Prize: 100$ gift card 

Print Guidelines: Prints must be framed, securely wired, ready to hang. The FRAME shall be no larger than 16″X20.” Matting is preferred but not required. Please attach a copy of your name, address, and phone number to the print. No gator board or Foam core mounted prints will be accepted.

Other Rules: No overtly explicit content will be accepted, please contact us if you have concerns. No previous Peace Camera gallery entries will be accepted. Photos must be taken between 2013-2014.

Submissions for the contest are due end of day on June 7th 2014.

1st place will receive a $100 gift card to the store.

we all look forward to seeing your submissions.


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