Classes at Peace Camera


Last night’s Photography 101 class was standing room only. Several people asked for a Photo 201 class—a bit more advanced and the next step—so we plan on getting one in the works. We also have a Speedlight 101 class coming up in March so if you are interested just call the store and we can add your name to the interest list. If you want more information just call and ask for Brian #1 (we have two).

I have an Introduction to the Darkroom class coming up in March as well.If you are one of the many returning to, or taking up shooting film, This is a good intro or refresher. Contact Jim White .

If you would like to be notified about upcoming classes just contact Jim White to have your name added to the email list.


About peacecamera

Local, Independently Owned, Camera Store in Raleigh, North Carolina. We carry a large selection of camera gear for both film and digital cameras. We have a large variety of digital cameras (including used film cameras), and camera equipment and supplies. We carry products for both the amateur and professional photographer.