New low-cost LED light set from Savage

New to the store is a 2-light LED kit from Savage for only $139.00! In the box you’ll find two 250w LED’s with mounts, stands, and umbrellas- all in a small carrying case. A perfect starter light set for portraits or small products.


LEDs provide daylight-balanced, continuous light without getting hot like incandescent photofloods or halogen bulbs. The umbrellas can either be reflective or shoot-thru, but be advised they’re not the brightest bulbs we’ve ever seen. If you can crank your camera’s ISO up into the stratosphere you can use these just fine.


This portrait of Shelley was shot with A Canon T5i & 18-55 kit lens at ISO 1600, 1/125 @ f5.6. One LED was positioned just to the right of camera with a shoot-thru umbrella, while the 2nd LED was behind and to Shelley’s left in a reflective umbrella, spilling onto the background and Shelley’s shoulder.

With such a small, lightweight, cost effective kit and today’s high-ISO cameras you can set up a small headshot studio just about anywhere.



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