What does it all mean?

All the manufacturers ave their own little acronyms for their own respective systems.  When buying a lens and or camera body the box just looks like a Greek Surname.  A few weeks ago a customer asked me to write a post about what the letters and acronyms mean.  So after some reading, this is what i had found. If i have mossed any, please kindly let me know and i will read into it even more. This list is alphabetical:

EF:  Electro Focus
EF-S: Electro Focus small image circle, basically for the smaller APS-C sensors
USM: Ultra Sonic Motor
IS: Image Stabilizer
DO: Diffractive Optics
STM: Stepping Motor
L: “Luxury”

Nikon:AI: Auto Maximum Aperture Indexing
AF: Auto Focus
AF-D: Auto Focus Distance
AF-I: Auto Focus Internal
D: Distance Integration
G: Lens with out an Aperture Ring
ED: Extra Low Dispersion
IF: Internal Focus
Micro: Close up “Macro” to the rest of the world
N: Nano Crystal Coating
PC: Perspective Control
VR: Vibration Reduction
DX: Small image sensor APS-C
FX: Full frame image sensor, 24x36mm roughly

ASP: Aspherical elements
APO: Apocromatic elements
OS: Optical Stabilization
HSM: Hyper Sonic Motor
A: Art series lens
C: Contemporary series lens
S: Sports series lens
EX: Excellence
DG: Digital Grade
DC: Digital Compact, smaller sensor size, APS-C
FLD: Low Dispersion elememts
IF: Internal Focus
UC: Ultra Compact

Di: Digitally Integrated
DiII: Small sensor cameras only, APS-C sensor
SP: Super Performance
IF: Internal Focus
VC: Vibration Compensation
USD: Ultra Sonic Drive
PZD: Piezo Drive Motor
ZL: Zoom Lock
LD: Low Dispersion elements
XLD: Extra Low Dispersion elements
XR: Extra Refractive Index Glass

FX: Full frame sensor
DX: Cropped digital sensor
AF: Auto Focus
AT-XPRO: Pro Line with Constant Aperture Lenses
AT-X: Consumer Line lenses
IF: Internal Focus
AS: Aspherical Optics
SD: Super Low Dispersion elements

Well, that is all the info that i cold find.  Again, if i am missing something, please let me know.  I hope that this helps with your future camera and lens purchases.


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