New Seminar Dates Announced

We’ve had a lot of interest in our Photo 101 seminar, so we’ve decided to schedule one for the first Wednesday in March.  March 6th, 7PM to 9PM here at the store.  Cost is $65 per person and class size is limited to 15 people.  This class teaches the basics of photography- shutter speed, aperture, and ISO and how they relate to proper exposure.  It’s designed to help you get off of the auto setting on your new DSLR and take control of the camera.

We’ve also had a lot of interest in some lighting classes, so we’re offering a Basic Studio Portrait Lighting seminar on Wednesday March 20th, 7PM till 9PM.  Cost for this class is $100 per person and class size is limited to 15 people also.  This seminar will cover the basics of lighting people portraits indoors, types of lights, and types of light modifiers.  A knowledge of photography basics and exposure is a prerequisite.  This seminar will be taught by store employee Bryan Rierson of Rierson Photography.

If you are interested in taking one or both of these seminars, contact us here at the store to sign up!


About peacecamera

Local, Independently Owned, Camera Store in Raleigh, North Carolina. We carry a large selection of camera gear for both film and digital cameras. We have a large variety of digital cameras (including used film cameras), and camera equipment and supplies. We carry products for both the amateur and professional photographer.

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