What is cookin!

Photokina over in Germany is just around the corner. This photo show normally has multiple huge announcements tied to it. All the key players wait until close to this show to announce what their brilliant engineers have been doing for the past 6 months to several years. Here is what about to be on the books. Nikon has rumored for the longest time that there will be an “Inexpensive” full frame camera. I really can not define that term but today Nikon has announced the D600. A 24mp full frame. After reading the specs on this I gather that the D600 is a D7000 camera with a full frame sensor. I see the sales of the D800 stall just a bit. For the “1” system Nikon has a new lens for you. 18.5mm f1.8, man a mouth full there. This lens is going to be the lens to get. It basically will act like the 35mm on the DX cameras and the 50mm on the FX cameras. The 18.5 will unleash your “1” series camera.

Tamron has two cool lenses coming. One of which will make me want to upgrade my most favorite Tamron lens. A few years back Tamron came out with a really cool anti shake system as well as a fast silent motor. The new 70-300 has them, the new 24-70 has them as well. Next up to receive the anti shake and the motor is the 70-200 f2.8 and the 90mm macro. These both look to be wonderful lenses. My 70-200 f2.8 is one of the most used lenses in my kit. Look for my copy of 70-200 f2.8 on the used shelf, when the new one hits the shelf.

Rollei has an update to their current Film TLR and a really cool Medium format camera too. Did not read to much in to it to see if it was digital or Film. Great looking cameras. Hasselblad has a new camera system as well. We all have just dreamed about having a Hassy H4D. Local Jason Dail is the only photog that i have heard of that has had his hands on one for a bit. The H5D is the official name for it, and it for some reason reminds me of a F1 car.

Sony and Pentax has some new stuff too, but you know !!!!!


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