Independance Day(What a great movie)

As we sit at home celebrating our countries independence from taxation with out representation.  Let us reflect upon how with the French’s Help we kicked the crap out of the British.  I for one am glad we do not have to drink tea and eat biscuits like this:

So here at Peace Camera we are taking 10% off all Red, White and Blue Accessories for the rest of the week.   We will be closed on the Fourth.  We all gotta have tho opportunity to injure our selves with fireworks.

Drat, that brings me to another topic.  How to shoot fireworks.  Read this Article from Joe McNally and you will learn what you need to make stellar pics of fireworks.

Be safe and we look forward to seeing you July 5th!  Be sure to watch Will Smith and Bill Pullman in that old summer blockbuster.


About peacecamera

Local, Independently Owned, Camera Store in Raleigh, North Carolina. We carry a large selection of camera gear for both film and digital cameras. We have a large variety of digital cameras (including used film cameras), and camera equipment and supplies. We carry products for both the amateur and professional photographer.

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