Time to twitter it!

‘Cause I’m Peace Camera, yes I’m the real Peace Camera
All you other Peace Camers are just imitating
So won’t the real Peace Camera please stand up,
please stand up, please stand up?

So with a little help from Eminem, we would like you  social media aficionados to know that we have a Twitter page now. Well it is not new, Bryan here at the store found it and none of us knew how it was being updated.    For those that are on he edge of your seat all day long waiting for me to post something new about what is happening in the store, you now have one more social media site to check us out on.


here you go, have at it.   Hope it is more entertaining than Kim Kardashians 72 day marriage.


About 31photo

Freelance Photographer and Graphic Designer turned IT Guru. Amateur Mountain Biker. Just a note, when contacting me text me first, so i can place a name with the number.

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