Strobist made easier!

I truly feel that the Available light photographers are stuck in a rut really.  I am not going to comment on their photography in this blog.  A lot of you know how i feel about it.  There are many photographers across all levels of skill feel that using strobes or speedlites is too difficult.  I think in the past it might have been.  But today that really is not the case.

The strobist movement is very popular, just look at the numbers David Hobbie pulls on his blog  I find that i use just speedlites a good amount of the time i shoot.  Ok enough of me blabbing.  Pocket Wizard is having a webinar here soon.   October 20th at 1pm. Pocket Wizards will have a great live video about how to use cool RF toys.  The Flex TT5 and the Mini TT1 have been out for a while now.  Although simple to use they are very intimidating to most.    This video should take the mystery out of these fun toys.

For years I have told many available light portrait photogs, that the way to get an advantage over your competion is to add light to the portraits.  The Flex TT5 and the Mini TT1 is your answer.


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Freelance Photographer and Graphic Designer turned IT Guru. Amateur Mountain Biker. Just a note, when contacting me text me first, so i can place a name with the number.

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