State Fair Pics.

Many of you, like me are thinking about heading out to the fair next week either for the food or for the pics.  This year i think i am heading out for both.  Who says i can’t eat a turkey leg and a deep fried twinky  while i do a long exposure of the Ferris Wheel?  That is not being a slob.  That is multi-tasking!

If my chance you are some what of a novice in photography and want to take pictures like theses:
here is a list of great toys that one would need to ensure great pictures.

Tripod: A good tripod, not one of those dinky $39 Sliks every one in town sells.  My line of thinking on a tripod is that a good tripod does not have plastic on it
Cable Release: Touching your camera while it is on a tripod will show “Shake” in your image.  Resulting in a decrease in image quality.
Neutral Density Filters: Gradients or regular ND filters will help you balance your exposure out.  Allowing you to use the proper settings you desire.
Circular Polarizers:  This will not do much for you at night, other than taking a few stops from you.  It will how ever kick your saturation up a bit.  Making more vivid colors.
LED Flash Light:  This is an insurance piece really.  This can keep you from buying parts of your kits over and over.  Allowing you to retire earlier!
Hot Shoe Level: There is nothing more irratating than a slanted horizon.
Ultra Wide Lenses: Get more field of view, get closer to your subject, exagerate the distance of the background.
Pan Heads:  Make it easier on your self capturing that pano of the midway!
White Balance Aids: Nothing worse than getting incorrect color in your pics.  Save your self some time in post by getting accurate color in camera.
Cross Star Filters:  personally I call this the Christmas Tree filter, but it will work well at the fair too.  Imagine having a tiny little burst of light on all the little bulbs on all the signs and rides.  This one is hard to explain, just come in and check it out on one of your lenses.
Grey Cards: This is an old school way to help get accurate exposure for your images.  also can be used for white balance.
Rain Sleeve:  Your camera is not water proof.  This simple little piece will allow you to get the shot when it starts to downpour on you.
Lens Hood:  Block stray light and greatly reduce or eliminate lens flare.
NIK HDR sofltware:  High Dynamic Range photography would be pretty cool for this setting. It will be a great looking image and effect.

We have all these tools, i mean toys in stock and several different options for your wallet.  Please come see us with any questions on how to do it right at the fair this year.


About 31photo

Freelance Photographer and Graphic Designer turned IT Guru. Amateur Mountain Biker. Just a note, when contacting me text me first, so i can place a name with the number.

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