New Rebates and New Product

Surprise, Surprise Tamron has new rebates out on several of their lenses.  Canon has some great ones on their 13×19 format printers.  The Canon PIXMA 9000 Mk II has an American Express Reward card with a value of $200.  The Canon PIXMA 9500 Mk II has an American Express Reward card with a value of $300.  Both printers have some of the best image quality that i have seen.  Both have a print resolution of 4800 x 2400 dpi3.  Way more resolution that the human eye can discern.  Come in and see the samples we have that came from the 9000.

No secret that we all love the Tamron’s.  For as long as i can remember they have had rebates available.  Her are the current rebates:

$60 for the 18-200mm
$50 for the SP70-300mm
$50 for the SP17-50mmVC
$25 for the SP17-50mm
$25 for the SP28-75mm
$50 for the SP10-24mm
$100 for the SP60mm Macro
$50 for the SP90mm Macro
$50 for the SP180mm Macro

Recently Nikon has announced and shipped a new macro for the DX cameras.  Nikon has the AF-S 40mm f2.8G Macro.  We have one in stock just at the moment, look for more to come in.  Just by the numbers the lens looks great.  It is going to act like what the 60mm does on the FX cameras.  It goes for $280, so the price tag is wallet friendly.

We will get it out and give it a whirl here shortly and post some pics.  So look for that a bit later.


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