According to Steve:

Barrel Distortion and Pin Cushioning

All lenses are not created equal.  Even sequentially numbered lenses manufactured on the same day will have minor differences.  The brick wall test will find the differences.  We have heard from several customers that online reviewers said this lens has pin cushioning and that lens has barrel distortion.  What is pin cushioning?  When the top or sides of the frame appear to be squeezed in slightly as opposed to being a straight line.  What is barrel distortion? It’s the opposite of pin cushioning.  It is where the top or sides appear to be bulging outward as opposed to a straight line.  These two distortions are generally very subtle and sometimes not easy to spot unless substantially enlarged. To the Pro photographers:  Some of your clients can recognize it, most won’t.  For portrait shooters, it probably won’t matter at all, but for architecturalshooters, it’s critical.
To our amateur shooters…FORGET ABOUT IT!!  If you say to yourself  that I will forego the baby pictures of my first child because my lens pin cushions, YOU’RE CRAZY!! There is entirely too much information easily available today, and some take it to heart.  Stop worrying about the small things and continue your life.


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