Steve’s tripod post part two

Steve posted this to my personal blog by accident! Here it is kiddies, more information on how to pic the right tripod.

  According to Steve:

Continuing on the subject of tripods (steadying devices), I’m going to expand.  In the field, sometimes carrying a bulky tripod is impractical.  The are many excellent substitutes.  For instance, Slik makes this really nice, medium duty, clamp head 32.  At just under 1 pound, it is a camera bag must.  Its 2 jaws clamp onto a tree branch, a pipe, a tube from 22mm-32mm wide.  At just $55.00, it can be a shot saver.

For a much heavier load, the Manfrotto Super Clampis truly super.  It can mount on any surface up to about 2 inches thick, ie tables, chairs, shelves, ladders, etc.  It can support up to 35 pounds.  Aside from just supporting a camera, they can also support lights or reflectors.  Then there is the old fashion bean bag which now comes premade including tripod screw.

There is no law that says you may only have one tripod.  Professional photographers will often have several tripods of differing weights and sizes.  Also, the is no rule that says if you are 6’ tall, that your tripod must be al least the same.  Some of my best tripod shots were taken on one knee at as low an angle as I could stand.

Two weeks ago, I was demonstrating a Nikon 500mm F4 lens (approximately 15 lbs.) to a customer.  She went to her car and brought out a nice Manfrotto tripod with a video type fluid head.  We mounted the lens on the head, and to my amazement it worked wonderfully.  Both the vertical and horizontal movements were silky smooth and effortless.  Steve learns something new!



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