Beauty Dish light modifier for speedlites

So today had been very pleasant and a bit quiet, We had some time today to play a bit.  Personally i have been pondering the idea of getting a beauty dish for my speedlites.  I have been a bit of a strobist here lately.  If you have been to the store with in the last four months you may have seen our “stobist” section.  Just about half of the lighting modifiers ever made on the market.  I am trying to test out as many as  i can, so i can give you a real opinion.  On top of that, here  you can check out the pics we snapped just goofin around here at the store to get an idea of the quality of light they produce.

Back to the Beauty Dishes.  First up is the RPS Beauty Dish.  This buggar is just under 20″ and comes a 40 degree grid, a silver reflector, a rugged looking bracket and a  clear diffusion piece.  Just looking at the box it all comes with, the $199.99 price tag is not too impressive.  But after you open it up and put it all together you see what you are getting for 200 dead presidents.  Check out the sample pics we took today!

Next we played with the Interfit Beauty Dish, RF5000 with the Strobies XS bracket and the Interfit INT311 Grid.  All that came to about $160.  The advantage getting this is that the gear also works with the Stellar series lighs from Interfit. So if you are brave enough you could put the Interfit 79″ Octo on the strobies xs bracket and use your speedlites with it.
Both offer a pretty good looking light for portraits.  The Interfit appears to be just a bit softer than the RPS.  Bryan here at the store seems to think that is is because of the texture it Interfit has in the dish.  I am starting o think that too.  Any ways both sets are here in stock at the store.  Any one of us can help you out with them.

The Gallery Uploader is a bit quarky.  So pics have a prefix of either Interfit or RPS for what system they were shot from.  Hope you enjoy them!


About 31photo

Freelance Photographer and Graphic Designer turned IT Guru. Amateur Mountain Biker. Just a note, when contacting me text me first, so i can place a name with the number.

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