Steve’s advice on Tripods.

Have most of you lost sight as to the intended purpose of a tripod?  For the past several months, 95% of all tripod customers have asked to see smaller and lighter ones.  This can be a major mistake.  I want a tripod to hold my camera steady, in calm weather as well as gusty winds, with my camera and large lens attached or just my wide angle lens. I want to be able to correct the levelness of the frame.  A must for ultrawide shots. If my occasional clumsiness has me tripping over one of the legs, the tripod, and its $1000.00+ cargo does not come crashing down.  The “Old Pros” taught me years ago that you can never have too heavy a tripod.  Today’s new wonder materials, such as carbon fiber, can maintain structural integrity in the strength department, but you still may need to weight the legs to prevent the tip-overs.  Anyway, Take my advice, don’t skimp in this area.


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Freelance Photographer and Graphic Designer turned IT Guru. Amateur Mountain Biker. Just a note, when contacting me text me first, so i can place a name with the number.

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