Silly Pics from the Canon 8-15mm F4 Fish Eye

Drew our Canon Tech Rep came in today and taught us a few things about the new lens. There are two different settings for using a cropped sensor or an “H” sensor.  Our first though is that is is a lovely lens, you can see from some of the pics that we did have some fun.  On the Full Frame cameras the lens gives you 180 degrees field of view through out  the entire zoom range.

So at the 8mm end you do get a little circle of an image and as you zoom to 15mm you keep the left and right edge, still at 180 degrees, but you do crop off the top and bottom edge.  You can see this in the pics we took today.

So there are some more interesting things about the lens.  I don’t wanna give it all away on the site.  I would like to have something to talk to you about when you all come out and buy one from us.     Enjoy the pics.

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