New Sticks!

Today we just got in some great tripods from both Vanguard and Benro.   In the Vanguard we have the Alta Pro 264 AB 100 going for $219.  The kit would include the 264AT legs which are aluminum and the SBH-100 Ball head.  The second Vanguard goodie is the Alta Pro 263 AB 100, priced at $209.  This kit is the 263AT legs and the SBH-100 Ball Head.

Vanguard has some crazy numbers and here is a quick break down:  Lets take the new guys 263AT, the first two numbers, “26” is the Diameter of the 1st tube.  26mm.  The remaining number, “3” is the number of sections.  So the 264AT has a 26mm tube and has 4 sections.  Pretty easy, but looking at the stack of Vanguard it gets a bit over whelming.

That is the Alta Pro series that has the joint at the top that allows for you to take the center collum out and move it around in  what ever direction you want.  This is a great feature for those that may do copy work and or Macro photography.  The ability to get a few inches off the ground for a great angle of view.

Here are some links for all the specs for the new Vanguards

Benro is another great tripod company, it is actually distributed my MAC which basically is Mamyia.  My new fav in their line up is the A1190T.  It goes for $145.  What i think is special bout this is it travels really well.  Unlike majority of the tripods on the market, this one folds flat.  Yep, just like your favorite flat bread sandwich at Quiznos.  One other thing that really impresses me is its ability to hold up to 17 pounds of gear.  Sorta perfect for those that feel the need to globe hop and want to carry a Nikon D3s with a 70-200 f2.8.

here is alink for its specs.

Do not think about ordering this on the internet, the Photo Gypsies will terrorize you!  We have them in stock and ready for you to pick them up so you can use them this weekend!


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