Even more toys, or New Toys part Deux

Fedex just came for a visit and dropped of some film…..  you all remember that stuff?  Also in the bunch was the Sony Alpha A580.  Not a whole lot has been spoken about this camera.  While i was toying with the idea of making the switch from Sony to Nikon, this camera was high up on my list.  It has the exact same sensor as the D7000.  My opinion was that it has a slightly weaker processor.

The A580 is a great camera, and has sold here quite well.  It is something to consider when wanting a new camera that is similar to the Nikon D5100, D7000 or the Canon 60D.  What Feature i was really impressed with was the Live View and Video settings on it.  The Auto focus in both of these modes is by far the best. In Digital Stills with Live view the AF is just as fast as looking through the view finder like one normally would.  For video, the AF is Contrast Driven.  It works well just like the NEX series for video.  The Face detection is super fast too.

Again something to consider when you toy with the idea of getting in the DSLR world.


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Freelance Photographer and Graphic Designer turned IT Guru. Amateur Mountain Biker. Just a note, when contacting me text me first, so i can place a name with the number.

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