Yes, you heard it correct, we are carrying iPad cases. Now, you might ask, does this mean we are carrying iPads? Well not exactly. But Gregory, Geof, and I own iPads, and we love them. But no iPads in stock for you here.

Now here is the real treat. We have quite a few to choose from. Some are white, some are black, both of which have cool snazzy leather cases. But we even have an iPad case that comes with…. wait for it… a real notepad! Yes, you read that right, it comes with a notepad. That way when you are working on your iPad, you will have something to write on using a device known as a pencil or pen.

However, I am still trying to figure out the purpose for including a notepad with an iPad. Here are a few possible reasons…

  1. You need something to write down all of your passwords
  2. You still have no clue how to work you iPad
  3. You share your iPad with your grandparents, and you have the instructions for how to use it on the notepad
  4. You like to draw pretty pictures while you listen to slacker radio
  5. Great way to do your grocery list while surfing the web
  6. You hate typing on the touch screen keypad
  7. You are learning origami from

I am sure there are more, but


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