Its too darn HOT for the beach… come to a workshop today…

Its a 150 degrees outside today in Raleigh, and do you know what that means for the beach, its gonna be TWICE that! Rather than turning yourself into a Kardashian or George Hamilton (Five points for being able to name two of his movies), come learn photography from two of the whitest, palest boys east of the Mississippi.

We still have a couple seats left, and we want you to leave as a photographic genius! Alright, maybe I am pushing it, but at least you will learn some valuable techniques and knowledge that will help you on your journey to becoming the next Ansel Adams, Richard Avedon, Henri Cartier-Bresson, or any of those dopehead photographers who have been punched out Sean Penn or Shia LeBouf (btw, seriously, a photographer got beaten up by Shia??? – come on photographers, step it up, learn some MMA or Taebo at least)

So come on to Peace and learn – well dont show up at Peace at 430 wanting to attend, bc our workshops are about 100o feet from the shop, at Shelley and my studio on West St. So if you want to attend, call me at the store before 4pm, and ask for me or Shelley, if an employee answers and says that Shelley and I are busy, let them know you want to attend the workshop today, and give the employee your name and number to give to us. Saturdays get MAD CRAZY in here (yes, I said mad crazy, I know it is technically “crazy mad”, but I am a rebel, and not a Canon Digital Rebel, or a Honda Rebel). So if you cant get us, keep trying.

Hope to see a few new faces.



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