Bravo Nike…

Just read that you sign Vick again. Glad to see you are a company of high morals and integrity. Guess it shows, no matter what atrocities one commits, as long as they are “good athletes”, its ok.

So you might ask, what does this have to do with photography? Well, absolutely nothing. I could pretend to say that the connection can be found in sports photography, but that would be bull. Honestly, I have been a fan of Pro Football for close to eight years. It all started with my razzing of the Philadelphia Eagles in the playoffs of 2003. I worked at Barnes and Noble in the receiving room, and I enjoyed giving one of the guys, Phil, crap for his loyal support of the Eagles, and for their constant choking.

Well this razing actually led to a love of the game. And with that love, came some great respect for what Vick could do on the field. Sure I rooted against him when he was playing against the Panthers, but I did enjoy watching his highlights when he would break down most defensive lines. When it came out about his involvement in the dog fights, all respect for him went down the toilet.

So Nike, all respect for you, down the toilet, too. Sure, you might have the greatest basketball player, Jordan not Bronnie Boo Hoo, but that is not enough for me.

So all photographers, the athletes that we are, please, no more Nike.


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