Space for Photography Studio, Gallery, Meeting Space, etc…

Well, since Shelley and I will be putting the workshops on hold, we will be giving up the studio space at The Ruby Red, which we have been using to teach the workshops, as well as shoot at, from time to time. Personally, I hate that I have to give up our studio because I have really enjoyed having the space, especially the location (being within walking distance of the store). Plus, I have enjoyed working with Tim, who helps maintain the space. Inside the Ruby Red, the space is shared by artists, musicians, woodworkers, and other experienced craftsmen. I have made some good friends over the course of being there, and I will miss the guys at the studio.

While we were there, we rented 4 rooms, and then I added another room for myself and my girlfriend. Well, two of the rooms are now available, and the other three rooms will be available in August. So, if you are an artist, looking for a great location to put a studio or workspace, than I would recommend you check out The Ruby Red. If you are not familiar with it, you can contact me and I will let you check it out, or give you Tim’s contact info. And I must say that one room, in particular, is INCREDIBLE! It has an outside mirror, and the perfect amount of space for most craftsmen.

And if you are looking for a place to hold meetings, it would be another great place. Not only is it a good size with a great atmosphere, but there is plenty of parking.

So do not pass this by. As I said before, I hate giving this place up, and I doubt I will ever find another place as cool as this one was for us, but I am certainly going to try once I get down to Florida.



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