My professional video rig… almost complete

If anyone doesn’t already know, I am a HUGE fan of dslr video setups. For the past six months, I have been trying to learn as much as I could about dslr video rigs. I have been trying to learn about follow focuses, steadicams, shoulder mounts, hd monitors, hood loupes, microphones, zoom recorders, dslr cages, video heads, tripods, headphones, among many other things.

Well I am almost complete with my kit. So far, everything I have purchased, I bought it here at Peace Camera. I have been talking to experienced videographers, product reps, and customers, in order to decide what was not only the best for me, but the best to carry in the store. The only thing we are lacking, at the moment are zoom recorders. But I think we will order some next week. As I type, we carry everything I mentioned, above, except for true steadicams. I seriously doubt we will carry those.

So, come in and check out our growing dslr video product lineup. Especially come see our Sony HD monitors. I did sell out this weekend, but I will order more next week. Once all my gear comes in for myself, I will blog about the entire kit, and discuss the merits of each item, and why I went with it. You will be excited to see the kit, that I feel is probably one of the VERY BEST dslr setups around. I mixed and matched to come up with something very cool thanks to Sony, iDC, Genus, and Azden (to give you some hints).

But look forward to seeing some results in the next few months. I have never been so excited to be able to start doing video.



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