I will be leaving at the end of August… Workshops ending in July

Unfortunately, I hate to say, that come August, I will not be living in North Carolina anymore. Because of my family reasons, I have to move out-0f-state for awhile. I do not know if I will be coming back this way (I hope I am able to, and I hope I will be able to come back to Peace Camera again, if I do). I have worked here for close to four years, and it has been my favorite place I have every worked. I have learned alot, and met so many great people. I have also really enjoyed teaching the workshops with my friend Shelley, so I will really miss teaching them.

As far as the future of the workshops, once I leave, I do not know. Shelley may or may not continue teaching them. However, since we will be getting rid of the studio that we have been using to teach them, he might have to find a new spot to teach them. So that might be a little while away. But, I am hoping I will be able to put some special ones together, and maybe I can come up here every so often to teach them with him.

As for me, the real crappy news is that I will be unemployed, once I move. I am going to rely on trying to break into a foreign market, and hopefully get back into shooting weddings, portraits, etc. So, that means I will be very broke for awhile, lol. Because of this, Shelley and I are going to try to offer the Fund I, Fund II, and D7000 workshops as much as possible in July. Here are the dates…

  • Saturday June 18th (today): Fundamentals I – 4:30 to 9pm
  • Saturday June 25th: Fundamentals II – 4:30 to 9pm
  • Saturday July 2nd: Fundamentals I – 4:30 to 9pm
  • Saturday July 9th: Fundamentals I – 4:30 to 9pm
  • Saturday July 16th: D7000 – 4:30 to 9pm
  • Saturday July 23rd: Fundamentals I – 4:30 to 9pm
  • Sunday July 24th: Fundamentals II – 4:30 to 9pm

All workshops are $85.00/each

If you have questions, or would like to sign up, please contact me at the store or through my email… gregmyersphotography@gmail.com

I would also like to thank everyone who has supported Shelley and I this past year as we have taught them. And we would really like to encourage anyone who has been meaning to sign up, to sign up soon, so that you can attend one of my last workshops here.

And also, feel free to come by and say hi to me during my last month at the shop.

And since I will have more free time than I would like, that means I will be spending A HUGE amount of time working on my blog, making instructional videos and tutorials. So please follow my blog…


I REALLY recommend that everyone subscribe to this blog, bc I will have a lot of freetime in order to put towards doing tutorials online, as well as videos from shoots. So expect a lot of great info from my blog.

Add me if you love me!!!!



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