Think Tank, BACK IN STOCK…

For the past month or two, we have been rather low on Think Tank inventory. But yesterday, we received the largest Think Tank shipment, EVER! I have to say, I love it when we get in Think Tank bags; however, all of us HATE unpacking them bc they are packed like Russian dolls. You have to open one box, to get into another box, which might have another box, with the bag (wrapped in plastic), inside it. By the time we have finished unpacking one bag, its about time to close up shop. So, receiving these bags are a tedious task. Nor does it help when the shipment shows up at 4pm (Thank You Fed Ex – I guess the term “express” does not apply to us with Think Tank).

But anyway, we have some brand new bags from Think Tank, such as some new Retrospective bags which are small and compact. They are perfect for those camera body and two lens combos.

So come in and check them out. Think Tank bags do not stay in stock for long, so hurry down.



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