Future of the Fundamentals Workshops… Ending July 2011

Unfortunately, after July 2011, I will no longer be doing the Fundamentals I workshops. Shelley and I have had a blast doing them throughout the year, but as of August I will no longer be teaching them due to personal reasons. Shelley and I will be getting rid of the studio space that we have been using to teach the workshops at the end of July, so that means that we will try to offer as many workshops, as possible, in July. The majority, of the workshops we will offer will be Fundamentals I, but we will try to do one more Fund II class, as well as one more D7000 class.

I would love to try to do one lighting workshop before we stop teaching them, but with time constraints, I can not promise anything right now. I was really hoping that we would have been able to offer some of the lighting workshops we were planning on teaching. Unfortunately, time was not on our side, and we could never find enough time to get them organized.

So, we will be posting some new workshop dates for July, hopefully tomorrow. We are still teaching a Fundamentals I workshop this Saturday, and we will be teaching a Fund II workshop the following Saturday. Both are from 430 to 9pm at the studio. If you are interested in signing up for either one of these workshops, or for one of the upcoming workshops in July, please feel free to let me know.



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