“Let me think about it”… EXPLODED!!!!!

Sometimes, I do not mind it when a customers says, “Let me think about it”, after I have spent a little time giving advice that I feel meets their needs and budget. In some cases, I even expect to hear it. Back when I was starting out in photography, I loved coming by Peace Camera and picking the brain of Geof and a few of the other guys (but Geof was mainly my guy bc I knew he could steer me in the right direction). When I came in sometimes, I would come in just to ask him questions, and try to decide which direction I would focus on saving up money for, whether it was to save for a new lens, a new camera, or new lighting gear. However, what I didn’t do was to go straight home after talking to him, and go to online retailers or websites offering their “reviews” on equipment. I knew that Geof was knowledgeable enough to suggest the right things for me, and he wouldn’t tell me to buy crap. And even if I wanted to waste money on crap, he would be brash enough to tell me that it was junk. So when I said to him, “let me think about it”, what I was meaning, let me decide which one to get, and I will come back in the store and purchase it from him once I saved up enough. And in some cases, it was either that day or a few weeks later.

However, if I was looking at something USED, well I knew that if I said, “Let me think about it”, it would not be there in a week or two. So I would have to make up my mind fast if I wanted it or not. Luckily Peace has a great system, so if you purchase something used, you can exchange it for full credit (no cash back) within ten days. So if I bought something used, and then decided it was not right for me, I knew I could bring it back. But I can tell you that I never brought anything back the three years I was a customer here.

So here is thing, and my point, as well. Unfortunately, the phrase “let me think about it”, usually means… drum roll please… “I have listened to everything you have said to me kind employee, but I want to go home, see if I can find it cheaper, and also look at the reviews online, before I come back and purchase it”.


  • Let = “I am going to take more time to”
  • Me = “have someone else (either unqualified internet reviewer who doesnt take pictures, but only takes what he learned in one of his computer or engineering courses back in college in the 80s)”
  • Think = “have someone else… make up my mind for me (price or internet hackjob)
  • about it = “about everything you have told me”

So you might ask, what is wrong with this??? And I will tell you. I feel that if all the facts are staring you right in front of your face, if the gear you have in your hand feels comfortable, is priced right, and looks like it will produce the desired results, then what is there to think about? Sure, maybe you do not have the money at the time, and for that, I completely understand. I do not want someone going broke or bankrupt over camera gear. But if your gear is your job, and you need it for a job, than don’t waste any time hesitating. Instead, get the goods and get to work. However, if you have the money, and you know its probably going to be right for you. You just want to find some “expert” online to contradict your gut feeling, than stop, and just go ahead and get it and enjoy it.

Here are a couple reasons why waiting can be bad…

  1. The “expert” advice you read on some fauxtographer reviewer tells you not to get it bc the lens makes too much noise when it autofocuses, so you end up buying the more expensive lens that does not make noise when it autofocuses. The problem is that lens noise is not going to be a problem unless you are taking macro pics of insects and you do not want to scare them away. Personally, I dont care if my lens is silent, or not, just as long as it doesn’t play Celine Dion. So, by buying the more expensive quieter lens, you just overspent.
  2. You take time to think about it, but in the meantime a tsunami strikes Japan and causes almost all of Canon’s and Nikon’s lenses and bodies to either go extinct or go way up in price.
  3. You take the time to think about it, and your spouse, bf, gf, kid, accountant, Bernie Madoff, ends up spending your money before you could buy the gear that could help you get the shot you could have won a Pulitzer prize with and moved to Austria to sing with a nun and her wealthy family and tour all of Europe while on the run from Indi’s least fave Germans.

So, next time you think to yourself, “Let me think about it”, ask yourself how you fit into the equation.



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