HUGE Lowepro Selection NOW IN STOCK…

Yesterday we received a HUGE palate of Lowepro bags yesterday. This was probably our largest lowepro shipment in a few years. I must admit, that over the past few years my love of lowepro has diminished faster than a 14-year-old girl’s love of Miley Cyrus. Since 2009, I have been a DIE HARD Think Tank fan, and all but one or two bags of mine are Think Tank. HOWEVER, Lowepro is back, and better than ever now. They have finally started to become innovative again. Something that I felt they lost over the past few years.

Yes, Think Tank was one of the first to come out with the sling packs, and it seems that everyone else has copied them. But that was really one of their only unique bags in the last five years. And since then, Think Tank and Kata have taken the sling to a whole new level. Lowepro did release a roller bag a couple of years ago, and I will also admit that is one of the best rollers, too. So, I am not going to say that I have disliked all their bags, lately. I have felt that they have played it a little too safe. Nowadays, the new breed of photographers want innovation, comfort, style, and they need to fit their pro gear, as well as their amateur gear so easily that one would think the bag was designed specifically for each shooter.

Well, Lowepro, I guess you have listened, and you guys have some cool new toys that almost everyone will fall in love with. Lowepro, you even updated your Street & Field Utility belts and made them so much more comfortable. Plus, you really have the coolest lens holders, the Lens Exchange (customers, if you haven’t seen these, come in a check them out). You even have some cool new small camera bags that are perfect for the Sony NEX series cameras, as well as the micro 4/3rds cameras. It will even take a Canon g12 or Nikon P7000 rather perfectly. And for those bikers, like Geof, you made the Photo Sport, which is a sleek, lightweight bag, with alot of room, and a cool bright orange color which very visible to motorists on the road.

So, guys and girls, come in and check out our new bags. And, not to stop the lowepro love, but we will be getting in more Think Tank, this week, as well.



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