In yo face, we number ONE, and we didn’t even have to ditch Cleveland and make a shady deal to win it. I mean, Im not saying we are the best or anything, but I am saying we have some incredible fans and supporters of the store. We have those regulars who are kind enough to recommend us to their friends, and to vote for us in one of our favorite publications, The Independent Weekly.

So, all of us are very honored to win this. We work hard to use our knowledge to best guide you, and we try not to carry a lot of poor quality product. And if we have inexpensive product, we will tell you whether it is poor quality or not.

So for all those who voted for us, we want to THANK YOU. And for all of those who have supported us over the years, we want to THANK YOU. And for our craigslist flaggers, well we want to say something else, but we wont. 🙂


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