Another American Idol Moment, yesterday…

… So who has watched seasons of American Idol, in which a contestant performed incredibly one night, but was eliminated the next night? Remember how shocked the judges “appeared” to be when they found out that the contestant, whom they thought would easily make it into the next round, was going to be sent home packing that night? And all that the judges could say was that “maybe the viewers thought you were safe, and that’s why they didn’t vote for you”. Then Ryan would remind the viewers to never assume that their favorite performer was safe, and that they should vote for them every time.

So why am I talking about American Idol? Is this another one of those WWE All Star posts? Has Greg lost his mind? Well, maybe to that one 🙂 But the answer is…


Why people??? Why??? Why me?? (Kerrigan homage)

All I can say is that maybe everyone thought that we were “safe”, too. Maybe everyone figured that “oh, goodness, golly gee, those starvin’ fat bastards at Peace Camera must surely be swimming on the most tasty of treats (Krispy Kreme) since everyone will end up going in there to bring those most magnificent of camera gurus (well, Greg and Shelley that is) some awesome Oreo cookie doughnuts. But the truth is, “No Doughnuts for You!” (Seinfeld homage).

So if you were thinking about bringing us doughnuts yesterday, but figured that you would only be adding to the gluttony of Peace, well then, you are more than welcome to bring them in today.




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