Watch the archived show from today of Shelley and me…

Well, first off, I have to give a HUGE THANK YOU to Amnon Nissan, Spencer Shoemaker, and Mike Phillips for letting us be guests on their show today. I also want to give a BIG THANK YOU to George Ward, an awesome customer of the store, who introduced me to Spencer and was extremely helpful in getting Shelley and I on the show.

I can not express how much fun I had being a guest on their great show. I must admit, I looked at some of their past guests, successful computer and business leaders, and I was a little nervous to be on the show (you will see me getting a little fidgety on there, lol). But after a little while I felt pretty comfortable up there. Plus, I always enjoy doing workshops and things with Shelley, especially when it involves talking photography.

But I was incredibly impressed by the knowledge of Amnon, Spencer, and Mike. Those guys are very informed about everything going on in the worlds of computers and electronic devices. Plus they have some experience in photography and video, so everything felt natural when talking to them.

I want to also thank the callers, including the callers who called in about computers and software (one way to shut me up is to talk about Linux and ubuntu – I have zilch to say when it comes to that stuff).

Anyway, I just would like to let everyone know that if you would like to watch the archived episode from today, then go to the following link and sit back and enjoy. Feel free to make a drinking game (non-alcoholic of course) out of everytime adjust the cord on my headset.

But thank you once again, everyone from Computers 2K Now. I hope to be able to be a guest on the show again, if they will welcome me back. And for everyone who enjoys keeping up to date with the current trends in the computer world, whether its smart phones, iPads, iPods, cameras, computers, or anything else that is on every boys wish list that takes rechargeable batteries (I will let you create your own jokes with this one), then please tune into, every Sunday from 9am to noon.




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