Very Disappointed… Not enough Donuts for cleanings the past month

So Krispy Kreme has this new thing, which is AMAZING… Oreo Donuts!!! I can not put into words how incredible these things are. The bad thing is that only one customer has brought us some donuts in the past two to three weeks; however, we have cleaned close to 100 camera sensors in the past few weeks, for free. To quote a lame sketch from SNL, “What up with that???”

Now, let me remind everyone that most places charge over $50 to clean a sensor, but we do it for free, just to help you out, get you in the store, and save you some money. But we are fat lazy bastards at the shop, and we like donuts, especially me. They make me feel warm and fuzzy. So, we just ask that you bring us in some tasty treats every-so-often, if you feel that we have gone that extra mile for you (clean your sensor, answer a bunch of questions honestly, give you helpful advice, unjam your broken camera, fix your flat tire, balance your checking account, lay the smacketh down on your ex bf/gf for dissing you in public – you know, all those things that you will only find at your lovable local camera shop).

Peace, I’m Audi…



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