Used Speedotron Blackline 4803 Pack with 4 heads and ext cables… for Sale by Greg M

So I am selling one of my personal lighting kits, my Speedotron 4803 Blackline pack, along with 4 heads (One needs a new modeling lamp, another one has a fan that doesn’t work anymore – none of which are a big deal bc the three other flashheads have working modeling lamps, and to replace the broken one is cheap).

Anyway, the kit comes with some reflectors, snoots, speedrings, and 4 extra extension cables which make it perfect for large studios. Plus, I am including a large case for carrying the heads and cables.

I am selling the kit for $1000 Firm. I know I could get more for this kit if I wanted to put it on ebay, but I do not want to bother with shipping the kit. If you are interested in it, just call or come by and ask for me. I do not keep the kit in the store, bc it is not Peace’s lighting kit, it is my own. I do have it in my studio, which is within walking distance of the shop. Just make sure I am here if you come by. However, Shelley might be able to take you to it. Or just set up a time to see the kit one day after work.

So if you want to know more about it, call me (Greg M).


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