How to get better color in your images.

Several times through out my photographic sales life, i have been asked how to get better color in peoples images. It really is not that difficult to accomplish. Today there are great tools to do so. There are three to four things you can do and tons of products out there to buy. I thought that today i would cover the steps and the tools to get more and better color out of your gear. These are not in any particular order.

1. in camera if you under expose just a tad possibly up to 2/3rd stops your image will be darker, but you will have better color saturation. This is a personal preference you would have to experiment with. Second thing you can do in camera is to have the correct White Balance in the camera. Your camera has several presets built in and some camera models have the ability to tweak the presets too. Then there is the ability to do a custom white balance, for the mixed and difficult lighting sources. Check your cameras manual to learn how to set that. Use of a Grey card, an expodisk or the Photoflex white balance tool.

2. Step two is computer based. Your brand new computer you spent tons of money on is not set for photo editing. They are set up for web colors, so your favorite videos of cats getting baths on you tube look good but hurt your color when you correct your images in your favorite editing program. This is were products like the Datacolor Spyder3 color monitor calibration tool, i1 Display LT from x-rite or the x-rite colormunki comes in to play. The colormunki has the best advantage because it allows you to calibrate your monitor to your printer, so what you see on your monitor is almost exactly what your print will be.

moving on

3. the last thing to do for great color is to use a, lack for a generic term, color disk. Products like the Seculine ProDisk II, x-rite color checker passport or the datacolor SpyderCHECKER. Basically all you do is place these tools in your lighting source and take a pic. That is your reference tool for the rest of your editing. Way easy way to get your levels correct when you edit.

Better color is fairly easy, just a few steps along the way. The prices of the mentioned products are listed below. Any one of us here at the store is more than happy to tell you more and coach you along your path to better color.

ExpoDisk- $90.00
Photoflex 12″ White Balance tool- $24.00

Spyder3 Express- $89.00
i1Display LT- $149.00
colormunki- 499.00

Seculine ProDisk II- $50.00
x-rite colorchecker passport- $ 99.00
SpyderCHECKER- $149.00

(All Photos were taken in Raw, processed to a jpeg then to a web jpeg all in camera with the Nikon D7000. Just one reason i love that camera)


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