WWE All Stars for PS3 … Yes, this is really a photo blog (Photo Challenge)

So lately I have been having this problem, when I am not at work, or at the workshops, or working on workshops, or working on images from some friends’ wedding Shelley and I shot together, or just dealing with life itself, I am finding myself getting more and more addicted to the game I picked up over a week ago for my PS3, WWE All-Stars. I have to admit, I am a a closet wrestling fan from the 80s and 90s, but I am a huge fan of wrestling games. However, I have not played a great one since WWE No Mercy from the Nintendo 64 (I cant conceive the number of hours I spent on that game).

Anyway, my point is I need help. I need an assignment, I need a challenge!!! What I am looking for is a few people to suggest to me something they would like to see me try to shoot. I mainly shoot people, so throw out something that is both different and attainable (attainable meaning, dont ask me to take pics of penquins in the arctic ocean or active volcanoes. Make it something you could shoot today or tomorrow, too. I will pick one or two of the more interesting ones, and make an attempt at shooting it. You can also pick product, people, etc. Whatever you think. If it involves nudity, odds are good I will not post it here, lol, but I could always post it on my personal blog 🙂

So send out some suggestions to me here. My goal is to get my butt to shooting some different stuff, as well as start putting together some photo competitions and possible exhibitions for our customers and fans of our site.


Thanks, and look forward to hearing a few responses.




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