Nikon D5100, Come on Down, you’re the next contestant on the Shot is Right…

Well, good ‘ol D5000, you have been reincarnated as the D5100. You still have your swivel screen, but you got some extra megapixels and 1080 HD Video. However, I really like how you accessorize yourself with your new microphone, what is it, the ME-1? Sounds cool, I want “me one” too, now 🙂

It also sounds like your autofocus has improved, too now. I have to admit, you are kinda making me fall a little less in love with my D7000 (how is that possible?). But dont worry Darlin’ D7000, you aint going anywhere, bc the new kid has only 11 autofocus points, doesnt shoot with the old, non-af-s lenses, and isnt as big as you. But then again, I can see how a lot of people might want to go with the new kid instead of the old kid in town (six month old D7000). However, there is room in this town for the both of you. The camera that I am feeling sorry for is the D3100. I have loved that one, too. But now, the 5100 isnt that much more than the 3100, so I can see people spending the little extra to have the cool screen and possibly higher ISO capability (but we will only know when we can put the two of you up to a head to head comparison).

But the comparison I really want to see is the T3i vs the D5100. Now that will be a fight better than the Butler UConn matchup from last night. (Btw, college basketball, is this what we have to look forward to, supposed “Top 10” teams being knocked out of the brackets in the first two weeks?) I guess that is because Big Teams recruit players who leave so early that they can not have star juniors and seniors. And this is just prove that a team of experience beats a team with a few unexperienced star players.

Well back to cameras (sorry for the tangent). Well since the D5100 cameras were just announced today, it might be a few weeks before they are in the shop. But if you want one, call up and prepay, bc they will be hard to get at first. Or just get yourself a D7000 or even D3100. I love them all. But I am even tempted to get a D5100 as a  second backup. Plus I like the screen bc I do not want to drop $500 for an HD monitor yet.

So Nikon, continue the good work on the camera bodies. But do not forget to keep releasing those new Nikon pro lenses, bc that 35 1.4 AF-S G Nano lens of yours, you released a few months ago, is my new friggin favorite lens.



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