Cool New Used Stuff In Stock – Including a Beater 70-200 2.8 VR Nikon Lens

Hey we got in a lot of new used items, including a great deal on a Nikon 70-200 2.8 VR version I. Now, the lens is a total beater. It looks like it has been partying it up with Charlie Sheen in LA. Its missing its lens hood, the tripod mount, and the case; however, since the lens had a filter on it the whole time it was living the wild life, its front element is clean and beautiful (unlike the women in Charlie’s World). If I didnt already own one, I would snatch it up.

But check out all our other stuff. If you have any questions regarding the used items, PLEASE CALL US IMMEDIATELY AT THE SHOP. DO NOT RESPOND TO THE BLOG WITH QUESTIONS REGARDING USED ITEMS BC BY THE TIME WE GET TO SEEING YOUR EMAIL, THE ITEM HAS ALREADY SOLD. Also, emailing the store is sometimes a fast way to reach us, but even then, on busy days, we do not get a chance to check our email until it is too late. So please just call us. Greg Like Phone. Phone is Good. Text Bad, Email Bad, Fire Bad, Donuts Good.



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