Happy V Day to You, Happy V Day to You…

… Happy V Day Dear Pho— Tographers, Happy V Day to You. And Many Moooor 🙂

So Its Valentine’s Day, and maybe you have a Valentine, maybe you dont, but whether you do or you don’t have one, just always remember that your love of photography should be treated as a Valentine today, too. So do not neglect Lady Photography, because she can hold a grudge the best of them. So this Valentine, treat Lady Photography right by getting her that nice lens that she has been clicking for with each press of the shutter. Help her have a new friend to keep her company in her sometimes lonely camera bag. Give her a lens that will help her see better in lower light, or a lens that will help see further across the horizon. Treat her with a lens that will make her feel special and let her know how much she means to you. For if it wasn’t for her you might not be dating that hot girl who you have to take out to dinner (however mine is so cool that she is letting us order take out, go home, watch Netflix – currently we are addicted to old 3rd Rock from the Sun episodes).

However, if you ARE dating someone who is either more into photography than you or as much as you, well get her something nice, TOO 🙂 Get her a camera, a lens, a fancy bag, or even a gift card to one of our workshops, taught be Shelley and me.

So come on down and let us help you treat your Valentine right.


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