Its Raining, Its Pouring, Big ‘Ol Steve is Snooring…

Come in and wake his fat ass up with some sugary sweets 🙂 Not to mention Greg is jonesin’ for some junk food (well, not really, I am trying to eat right, too). But the other guys could use some baked goods in exchange for a sensor cleaning or some helpful advice.

But seriously, its been a slow, rainy, yucky day. So its a good day to swing by and check out some of our new toys. Yes, we still have a few Nikon D7000 cameras in stock. And all of us agree, it is a P H E N O M E N A L camera. I own one, Shelley owns one, and I still get excited everytime I show someone a D7000.

And if you are not in the need for a new camera, well how about come check out one of the new Tamron 18-270 Piezo lenses with VC (vibration compensation). Lately, I must say, Tamron has been hitting them out of the park with their latest lineup of lenses. And now they they are starting to put ultrasonic motors inside of their lenses, they are quickly becoming my favorite manufacturer of lenses for the money (no offense Nikon or Canon).

But come on down, say hi, get that dirty sensor clean, check out the new toys, and get out of this dreary weather.



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